What is the RGA Leadership TEam?

Every year, we select 6 goalkeepers who consistently demonstrate integrity, humility, confidence, respect, leadership, work ethic, servitude, selflessness, passion, determination, ambition, and responsibility. Invitations are sent by Coach Amanda and the RGA Staff to each goalkeeper who has been selected. This opportunity is not a right, as it is earned, it can also be taken away. All Leadership Team members must continue to hold up the RGA CORE VALUES or they will lose their opportunity to be a part of Leadership Team. The leadership team allows goalkeepers to receive mentorship from Coach Amanda and all guest professional players who visit RGA. This opportunity gives each member the ability to learn and develop their skillsets into becoming a better and stronger leader. 

The Leadership Team is not a title or resume builder. It is an opportunity to lead at the next level and receive higher level mentorship and coaching from Coach Amanda, the staff, and friends of the academy who are current and/or former pros. It is reserved for those who demonstrate the utmost qualities of leadership.