Group Leaders

If you’re a leader looking to invest in your group by bringing them to a Catalyst event, then we would love to partner with you by offering a group discount, free resources, exclusive event access, and many other perks!

Being a group leader has never been so simple, yet rewarding. Based on group size, here are some of the perks you can expect:

• Ticket discounts

• Express check-in

• On-site SWAG bag

• Reserved seating for your group

• Group leader lunches with our speakers

• Access to the Group Leader Lounge

To speak to a Catalyst Concierge, call 888.334.6569.

Catalyst Atlanta Group Perks

- Reserved seating for groups of 50+

- Group leader lunches with Catalyst speakers for groups of 20+

- On-site SWAG Bags for groups of 20+

- Access to the Group Leader Lounge

- A personal concierge to help you register, and to help answer any questions

- A tool to assist you with organizing your group (as needed, based on group size)

- Express check-in on event day

If you're interested in bringing a group to Catalyst

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call a Catalyst Concierge at 888.334.6569.

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