"Amanda is amazing at teaching keepers the physical skills needed at the net. However, it is the mental strength that she helps to build in each keeper both on and off the field that I have been most grateful for! Thank you for what you do! "
-The Jewells  


Individual 1 on 1 Training

Age 8 Years Old to College
Private one on one training that is customized and built around the individual needs of each goalkeeper. This includes ongoing mentorship, goal setting, and accountability to help your goalkeeper reach their fullest potential and goals.
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Semi-Private Group Training

Age 9 Years Old to College
Small Group training with no more than 3 GKs to 1coach ratio. Goalkeepers are split into groups based on skill level. Current groups include: College, High School Elite Select, High School Elite, Advanced, Junior Elite, Juniors.
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Summer PReseason Group Training

Age 8 Years Old to High School
Our 8-week curriculum based Summer Group Training. GKs can come 1-2 times per week. Sessions include 1 hour of GK Training and 30 minutes of GK specific strength and conditioning.
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Virtual Coaching

Ages 10 Years Old to College

Learn all about our RGA @ Home virtual training programs and subscriptions

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Camps & Clinics

Ages 8 Years Old to College

Our available camps and clinics change frequently. Continue to check our site for updated information or email us here:
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Strategic Classroom Studies

Age 14 Years Old to College
Strategic goalkeeping class that uses film and class discussion to work through game ready preparation. Topics include building walls, communication, how to lead on the field, shutting down angles, step by step photo analysis for goalkicks, proper technique, how to organize your team on the field, and more. Special guest speakers include former/current college and professional players and coaches.
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College Recruiting Intro
Films and Mentorship

Includes 2.5 hour training session and filming, film editing (if you provide your own game film it can be edited and included also). Final video is 2.5-3 minutes long and includes a 1-1.5-minute intro in the full version and by itself.
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Individual training

From Beginner to Pro

Our individual one on one training is customized and built around the individual needs of each goalkeeper. One on one sessions are a great opportunity to get a full hour of focused attention on your goalkeeping skills or if you're a newer goalkeeper this is a great opportunity to be assessed and learn the basics of goalkeeping in one to two sessions.

It is recommended for goalkeepers to use one on one training to refine their skillsets a couple of times per year and train more regularly in group training sessions so that we can help create more gamelike situations with more goalkeepers present.

Whether you are a Beginner or a Pro, our RGA Staff works with you to help you improve your technical and tactical skillsets.  

This is a great place to start if you are new to goalkeeping or you need help refining your skillsets in a more personalized training environment outside of group training.


$100 per hour


Available for U9 - Professional

*A deposit is required for those who are training for the first time.
All sessions that follow are one hour long. After 1st session Goalkeepers will have an opportunity to meet for 30-minutes virtual with our Head Goalkeeping Coach and Owner, Amanda Forester for a 1on1 Mental and Goal mentorship session FREE of cost.

training offered in


Virginia Beach


What to Expect

Upon arrival we will take a few minutes to get to know you and discuss what will take place during that day's session.

Your first session is a training and evaluation session. We will be reviewing and running you or your goalkeeper through multiple foundational based technical and game-like drills. This gives our staff an opportunity to assess where you are in your development as a goalkeeper. We try not to correct more than 2-3 areas of focus so that you or your goalkeeper are not overwhelmed.

This session will be hard but you will learn a lot! And it will give our staff a baseline of what you know and what you need to improve on. After the session we will notate your account and create a plan with our staff to help you develop. We may also recommend a specific training group that you would be a good fit for based on your age and skill level.

In addition you will be emailed an online form for you or your goalkeeper to complete. We ask that this is completed by the Goalkeepers and NOT the Parents. Parents may assist younger GKs if needed. This form includes questions about your goals and strengths/weaknesses, etc.

We want to mentor you and help you reach your goals. We will schedule a 30-minute follow-up Zoom meeting to go over your goals and help you plan your training development pathway with RGA.

Additional Training opportunities

Summer Mentorship with Pros Webcast series photo.