Planning to train on the regular and looking to Save Money?
Our RGA Membership program is just for you! Choose between four different Memberships all designed to help you save money and meet your commitment level.

Our Membership plans include a group training sessions, our virtual tactical sessions (*not all plans), *NEW* Rolling Credits, and discounts on additional 1on1 sessions (*not all plans).

The purpose of our RGA Membership is to help goalkeepers who are invested in their process of development grasp tactical and technical development faster through consistency and repetition.

For more information and a breakdown of our Membership see the graphic and FAQs below.

*All Memberships are available in Richmond, VA (Only Valid for sessions in Richmond,Va).

*Virginia Beach GKs may purchase the seasonal VB Membership (only valid for Va Beach sessions).

Your Membership Includes

enrollment periods

vip Annual

3-Month Seasonal

Seasonal LITE & VB Seasonal

How to sign UP

Membership plans

You will have the option to choose between any of
our 4 memberships.