Signifies hardiness and courage to endure any condition or situation that life or the game throws at us

Signifies our mission to do good and give
back to others in our community.

Signifies vigilance and perseverance.

In soccer is a coat of arm that tells our story of who we are as an Academy.

Half rooted in the ground represents our philosophy of being grounded in confidence and humility in our sport.

Represents the protector of the net, the leader of the field.

Is our well-known Richmond Skyline. It represents our hometown.

Represent the stars of the United States, the significance of the number three  means perfection, completion and wholeness. This represents our belief in becoming a whole and complete goalkeeper and leader on and off the field.

Red, white & blue represent our state’s history. Virginia was the home of America’s first capital.

We are protectors of the goal, leaders on and off the field,
and encouragers to all of those around us.
We are the Richmond Goalkeeping Academy.