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In 2008, Coach Amanda Forester was approached by a few local club coaches and asked to provided individual goalkeeper training for a few of their goalkeepers. Over the next few years, Amanda's programs began to grow and in 2010 she officially formed the Richmond Goalkeeping Academy. Fourteen years later, more than 1,000+ goalkeepers have trained and continue to train with RGA. Multiple goalkeepers have gone on to play at the D1, D2, D3 Collegiate levels, ECNL, US Development Academy, MLS Next, Elite level travel teams, Varsity High School programs, the VA ODP District, State and Regional Teams, Semi-Professional Leagues , Professional and many now coach for the Richmond Goalkeeping Academy.

The Richmond Goalkeeping Academy is a unique development academy designed for goalkeepers to develop elite goalkeeper and leadership skillsets that they can use on and off the field. Our program is open to ALL players ages 8 to professional, and is a mentorship based program where leadership and player development is grown through individual and group training sessions. We also work to help our goalkeepers and their parents navigate playing at the highest level and beyond. We are a club neutral organization and support all club-based programs. We are not loyal to any particular club nor promote leaving one for an another. Our focus is mentoring you to your goals, training and helping you navigate your soccer career successfully.

Our philosophy is simple: develop game ready, modern day goalkeepers. We focus on the mental game as well as leadership, communication, strength, distribution, handling skillsets and more. Every session is designed to build on top of the last and consistently grow you as a goalkeeper and leader. We believe in try, fail, and adjust. You never get better without consistent application of what you’ve learned, making mistakes, reviewing the mistakes and making forward adjustments to learn from them.

We know one day you will play your last game and we as coaches want to know that we developed you and helped give you what you need while you were on the field and later for when you’re off it. The skills and lessons we learn on the field are the same that set us up for success in life.

Read more about RGA HERE and learn how we are giving back to our community! 
For specific questions or more info, please contact us at or 804-938-5138.


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