"One of the things that drew me to Amanda was the fact that she's not just producing goalkeepers and developing their talent on the field but she is working on them as human beings and people. She is personally invested in each and every one of her goalkeepers. Because of that I personally endorse Amanda and the Richmond Goalkeeping Academy." —  Jon Busch, Retired 21-Year MLS Pro Goalkeeper, Former USMNT GK, and USMNT/USYNT GK Coach
"I met Amanda quickly after my senior season at UNC Chapel Hill. Since 2018, we've done a few camp/clinics together, drawn up sessions and have become great friends and a great help for each other. Amanda has a unique perspective; from her personal life and soccer career, she has molded the program to what it is today. She has a heavy focus on bettering the individual to grow in every area and to help them really achieve their goals. She's a real leader, that is constantly making herself and the program...and I've seen some incredible growth and confidence come out of kids through her mentorship/coaching/and influence. She attracts high achievers, goal-oriented, and morally driven people. She has become a dear friend and a meaningful voice for me as I still progress in my career. Reach out, you won't be disappointed."
— Samantha Leshnak Murphy, Current North Carolina Courage Professional NWSL Goalkeeper, Former NCAA Division 1 UNC Chapel Hill and U20 USWNT Goalkeeper
"Working with Coach Amanda has been a positive experience for both my son and daughter. She doesn't just focus on the physical skills of being a keeper, she also focuses on the mental game and being good leaders on and off the field. I've seen my daughter go from being timid on and off the field to being vocal and confident in her actions. Even my youngest who just started playing looks forward to working with her."   —  Jasmine Woods
"We were thrilled to find Coach Amanda and RGA to advance my son's GK training beyond what he was getting in his high school and club programs. She is talented and dedicated to both the sport and the athletes, mentoring them both on and off the field. Additionally, she continues to partner with elite soccer talent to expose young athletes to a wide variety of training, experience and leadership. Don't go anywhere else for your keeper!"​   —  Robin Magrisi, Mom of Morgan Magrisi (Current D1 VMI Goalkeeper)
"Amanda's Passion, high energy and desire to elevate the skill level of her GK students is unmatched. My daughter had been to three other GK coaches with minimal results. I met Amanda through my daughter's travel coach and signed her up after a 5 minute conversation! After working with Amanda for a few weeks, my daughter was selected for the Richmond Kickers U14 Super Y Team as well as the District ODP team and would have made the State team if she had not broken a finger. Additionally her travel team had the least goals against in their fall season. I highly recommend Amanda and the Richmond Goalkeeping Academy. It is money well spent." —  Bruce Peck (father of Devon Peck, William & Mary Women's Soccer D1 Program goalkeeper)
"I first reached out to RGA only because I needed a new technical trainer. Training with Coach Amanda has done a lot more than just technical work for me. Before I trained with Coach Amanda, my mental game and my outlook on how I was able to play were much different than they are now. It was extremely difficult to bounce back after being scored on and I would always beat myself up mentally if I did anything short of my expectations, which was almost perfection. I have been through my ups and downs with Coach Amanda, but the improvement in my head game is very noticeable. The biggest thing that I have learned is to  strive for progression over perfection, this has been my biggest struggle and also one that has been most improved since I have been with the RGA. I have been able to achieve many things throughout the year, and have to give some credit to what we have been working on at the RGA. I look forward to working with Coach Amanda for years to come. " — Tallulah Miller, Richmond Kickers Elite, VA State ODP, Eastern ODP Regional Pool, Hanover High
"I was looking for a new goalkeeping coach to train me during my season and off season. My parents and I heard about Coach Amanda and the Richmond Goalkeeping Academy through Tallulah. I was a little nervous at first because going from one coach to another was a big change for me. But what I found out quickly and love the most about training with RGA is how to control my mental game and keep myself positive on and off the field. Before coming to RGA my biggest struggle was my head game. Since I started in June 2018, my saves with high balls, crosses and corners have quickly improved and I feel more confident in goal. I love training with the Richmond Goalkeeping Academy and their academy goalkeepers! I really love the atmosphere. I am excited tp keep coming back and getting better each season!" — Sarah Robinson, Dynamo Travel Soccer and Richmond Goalkeeping Academy Advanced GK
"The amount that the academy has helped me grow over the last few years has been insane. In my opinion, I went from a weak keeper with no confidence in himself, to a leader on the field who had strengths in many areas. The technical side of the academy is great, as it has helped me improve so much over a short time period, but one of the biggest things that has helped is the way my mental game has developed. It has helped me get through several problems on the field, making me a better keeper, and off it, making me a better leader."  —  Ryan Corsa FC RICHMOND & Richmond Goalkeeping Academy GK
"Affordable, well staffed, punctual, organized, and fun! Great things are being taught at this academy. Amanda isn't making just great goalkeepers, she is making future leaders and servants to the community. It's a great program for kids to become conscientious citizens and leaders in their communities."   —  Linda Cooper, Mother of Hanna (Current D2 Concord University Goalkeeper)
"Coach Amanda and Coach Mario have a wonderful approach to teaching goalkeeping fundamentals and serve as great mentors for aspiring keepers. Well organized and very responsive to player requests."   —  Janet Klotz, Mom of Ally Klotz, Richmond Kickers Elite and James River High School Soccer
"My daughter is fairly new to the RGA family and Amanda has been nothing but phenomenal to our daughter. In a short amount of time, I can see a difference in her! I remember their first session together and my daughter didn't want to leave! Mind you it was cold and rainy. Amanda is real when it comes to feedback and we love that. She really is passionate about her GKs and it shows. We appreciate the zoom conferences offered, not only for GKs but for the parents as well. Amanda is truly a genuine person and I can say that with being a GK parent, I've came with concerns and she's always taken the time out of her day to provide guidance.

Living in VA Beach, we always try to book a session when she's in town. Our daughter has the best time and is always learning something new. Highly recommend Coach Amanda and RGA. So blessed to have Amanda a part of our daughter's soccer journey!"   —  Maria Billmyre, Mom to Leilani, Beach FC Goalkeeper
"Before I joined the Richmond goalkeeping academy, I was confident that I already knew everything there was about goalkeeping and I was self centered. The first time I met Coach Amanda I was lazy and disrespectful. Eventually I learned that I was lucky to learn from one of the best coaches that helped me end my laziness and work hard everyday to achieve my goals of becoming a professional soccer player. She helped me with my struggles in Goalkeeping of ball handling and diving, but the main essential she helped me overcome is to believe in myself. Believing in yourself will help you achieve in everything in life including sports, academics, jobs, etc. She would tell me to imagine how I should do it before i do the drill and to think “ I can do this”. Coach Amanda really helped me be who I am today."  —  Marcus A. U14 Chesterfield strikers elite, JV Steward School, and Richmond Goalkeeping Academy gk
"RGA is amazing. Coach Amanda and her staff are amazing. They are great coaches, and not just drill/task instructors. They ensure that the athletes comprehend what they are doing and why, and that is very important. Anyone can tell someone to complete a drill, but having a coach that instructs you through it is key! Coach Amanda has gone above and beyond to ensure that all safety measures have been met for the current COVID-19 pandemic, without losing any focus on the training being conducted. My son has been coming here for training for almost 9 months now, and the progress that he's made is beyond what I could have imagined. It's night and day from where he was at in the beginning. We are part of the RGA Family now, and the huge plus is that my son gets up early on Saturday and Sunday's to go there, because he loves the training and seriously looks forward to it. My only regret is that we didn't find Coach Amanda sooner. Thanks for everything RGA, see you guys soon!"  
—  Strider Cerda, Father of Stanton, Tidewater Sharks and RGA Advanced Goalkeeper

“I’ve really seen an improvement in my skills since I’ve been working with Coach Amanda, but what makes her different from other goalkeeper coaches is that she prioritizes the mental game first on and off the field, then she works on skills and the physical work. People don’t really think of soccer as a mental game, but if you break down in your mind then it doesn’t matter how good your skills are. I think my confidence has improved on and off the field. The darn goal cards work :)” —  Maddie Hoyt RGA and Richmond Kickers Mechanicsville Keeper
"We have been using Amanda for GK training for our son for over 3 years. We've seen him progress from a rec novice to making the travel squad of one of the local clubs. Amanda teaches the core fundamentals with practical application and training techniques that convey real life experiences to her students. She further helps students set goals (academic, personal and sports) that they can work to achieve. She will continue to positively reinforce these throughout the training sessions. Amanda has even shown up to a few of our games to watch her student. We have been to some of the local training schools where we were "processed through the mill" with little personal involvement and pretty weak practical skills training methods where often times the former pro-player or coach from xyz university wasn't there or couldn't remember our son's name... I don't think you can go wrong using Amanda, she is a winner." —  Jeff DeSchon Father of Jason D, Former Richmond Strikers GK, Deep Run High School Kicker and RGA GK, Now Milton Academy Collegiate Kicker
I found the Richmond soccer culture exclusionary. Everyone was friendly but slow to admit new parents into the clique – and even fewer would share the best training options. You had to be an investigative reporter to crack through. And then I found Amanda. She immediately welcomed us and helped us maneuver by sharing her vast knowledge, opinions and experiences. She understands the culture and embraces the mindset that we should work together to help all players be the best they can be. She told my son day one: I believe in you so you need to believe in you. She's a powerful, positive influence in my son's life and I'm so fortunate to have found her.  — Lori Schwabenhausen (Mom of Marcus Andriano), U14  Strikers Elite, Steward School, and RGA GK
“When Yulia first started training with Amanda, she had a wealth of natural athleticism and some basic skills as a keeper. We really started seeing progress in Yulia's technique as she worked regularly with Amanda at Richmond Goalkeeping Academy. Amanda polished her existing skills and showed her some new techniques for dealing with different situations.One of the areas that Amanda helped Yulia with the most was the mental aspect of the game. She helped Yulia be more goal oriented in both soccer and her personal life. Amanda really helped prepare Yulia for college soccer and gave her the tools to be successful.” —  Steve Hayes (Father of Yulia Hayes, U19 Strikers Elite, Richmond Goalkeeping Academy GK & Assistant Coach, Banner Christian GK, VA Central District & State ODP, and Class of 2023 Citadel Division 1 Women’s Soccer GK
"Since joining RGA in June my son has improved so much. Amanda and her staff are unbelievably good at what they do."  —  Scott Lagenfield
"Coach Amanda and her staff are amazing. This summer was my son's first time with the Richmond Goalkeeping Academy, and it has made a huge difference in him as a goalkeeper. The staff is knowledgeable, positive, and all about the development of the goalkeepers. We can't thank them enough. I would willingly recommend them to anyone.  —  LaToya Riley
"Can't say enough positive things about Amanda and the RGA team.  Whether its the private lessons or the camps, we came for the goalkeeping training for our son, but the unexpected content on the intangibles...leadership, confidence, discipline, accountability, character... have been all bonus and fantastic.  Oh, and his field skills have improved dramatically in very short order!" —  Dewey Morgan
"Amanda has been not only an excellent goalie trainer - my son insists on going to training, even in the rain - but also reliable and generous with her time. As a result, my son's goalie skills have improved 100% and it shows when it counts the most, during games! Huge thanks, Amanda!"​   —  Julie Reiss
"Coach Amanda is amazing. She is accommodating and has the perfect balance of push and pull to move performance!" -Jennifer Hayes